Blogging is something I have always wanted to do, yet it always falls to the back burner when it comes down it! I am finally down to commit time every week- feeling like I have so much to share at this point in my jewelry journey! 

This blog will be jammed packed with short informational posts on the things you all ask about:

1.) Jewelry quality and product knowledge
  • what kind of materials we use and why
  • what to look for when shopping for jewelry
  • how to care for your handmade jewelry 
2.) Jewelry Trends
  • what's new and now... and next season in jewelry
  • how to layer, stack and  invest in the right pieces for you
3.) Gemstone names and meanings
  • symbolism and ancient wisdom in stones
4.) Custom jewelry- bridal and gift giving
  • inspiration for creative gift giving 
5.) Business
  • learnings and processes to start doing something you love!
  • inspiration and real talk about owning your own business

We cannot wait to start sharing with you!